Mythbot Radio

Let your server feel its rhythm with Mythbot Radio.


Proudly Powered & Partnered with Zap Hosting


Name Description Usage
m!Radio It allows you to open music on Youtube. m!radio {6}
m!Stations Stops the music. m!stations
m!Volume Change The Current Volume Of Mythbot Radio. m!volume {50}
m!Leave Force MythBot Radio To Leave Current Voice Channel m!leave
m!Prefix Set a custom prefix for your server. m!prefix {$}
m!Clear Bulk delete messages. m!clear {10}
m!Invite Invite Mythbot Radio. m!invite
m!Donate Show your support to Mythbot Radio m!donate
m!Shards Shows you shard information within your server. m!shards
m!Stats Shows you stats on Mythbot Radio. m!stats
m!Ping See Mythbot Radio's Ping. m!ping
m!Discord Check Discord current server stats. m!discord
m!Userinfo See a users discord information. m!userinfo {@joker} || m!uinfo {@joker}
m!Serverinfo See discord server information. m!serverinfo {@joker} || m!sinfo {@joker}
m!Rcolor Generate a random number because why not! :) m!rcolor || m!rc

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